Lady, Light(ly), Trees

I saw her walking among the trees and touching that lady's shoulder so lightly... So compassionately... I'd always wondered how would it be to meet her. Would it hurt? Would I even feel it? That morning, she was doing the walk like a superstar among her audience: looking for someone to hold; someone to take with … Sigue leyendo Lady, Light(ly), Trees


Remember, When, Susprising

When I was a child grown-ups seemed very big, time went by slowly and I loved rainy afternoons; I remember they smelled like fireplaces, coffee, naps and kisses... They smelled like wet earth too... It's surprising that so long after, when the regulars aren't here anymore, I can still keep on feeling their hugs so clearly. … Sigue leyendo Remember, When, Susprising

Sleep(less), Fair, Devil

- Another sleepless night! Fuck! - Sunset grumbled, like every morning for over a year. - It's not fair! - she said to herself while gathering the strength to get out of bed, to face another day. Just one more since that stroke of luck that changed her entire life. - How much longer will … Sigue leyendo Sleep(less), Fair, Devil